5 Places to Dine Out on Edibles

5 Places to Dine Out on Edibles

You know marijuana has really gone mainstream when ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s announce that they are going to start making weed infused ice cream…how sweet is that?  They aren’t the first, heck they aren’t even the fifteenth to make a business out of combining food and cannabis.  So where do you go to grab some delicious edibles that aren’t just brownies or cookies.  Head over to the West Coast (where it’s mostly legal) and find 5 places to dine out on edibles.  Hey…you can always have Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.

Mega iLL

Let’s start our dining experience on the west coast of Canada, at this point cannabis is only legal for medical use but that is expected to change in 2018.  Also don’t try bringing your own into Canada, that will end very badly.  MEGAill is a pizza joint where you can get more than just “a slice”.  Be prepared to show your cannabis card to order the “oily” pizza.

Samich Food Truck

Next up on this culinary tour is the “Savoury Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness” food truck…that was a mouthful.  This truck is often parked in different cities where cannabis is legal and offers up marijuana eats, they can include their own version of peanut butter and jelly, pork bahn mi, truffle popcorn and a “Danksgiving” turkey sandwich.

Hapa Sushi

Since Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use it has had a little more time to develop the marijuana restaurant culture and this is the state to be in to try some great marijuana eats.  If you love good sushi with a little extra kick then Hapa Sushi is a must dine.  With locations in Denver and Boulder will give you your favorite sushi combined with your favorite strain for a fantastic dining experience.


If sushi is not your thing then we still have you covered.  Step into Chebahut where the sandwiches are appropriately named pinners, nugs and blunts, yet still delicious.  Puns and jokes are the norm and it is a great laid back atmosphere to dine and relax.

Ganja Gourmet

If you have already had your sushi or sandwiches and now your craving something a little bit sweeter then you need to check out the Gnaja Gourmet.  Located in Denver they serve up some deliciously sweet treats like ice cream, cookies, cakes and of course brownies.  This is not your grandma’s bakery!  The cannabis is from the local area and Ganja Gourmet also serves as a dispensary, the staff are incredibly friendly along with having a pretty good grasp of the product they will steer you in the right direction.

Legalized marijuana is still a fairly new concept and there is still a long way to go before there are more 420 friendly restaurants to choose from.  This promises to be the next big thing in your dining experience.  For now you may have to head to Colorado to give this dining experience a try.

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